Turn to Flame


Two long tracks from 1997-1998, the last ones from version 2 of Kalaban (1982-1996), Overlook Park tells a story of New Yorks' Central Park personality during a single day - Troubadour is about Mussorgsky's Old Castle - Pictures Exhibition

Overlook Park - This track was written during an extended visit to New York in 1996. My hotel room had a balcony overlooking the south end of Central Park and I watched the park change its character as the day progressed. The mood of the park changed dramatically through the course of a day. In the morning you could see the small kids and nannies playing, at noon, out would come the workers for lunch. Later in the afternoon, runners and afterschool bigger teens would be playing sports. As the evening came on, the lights of the city would filter through the trees and the park started to appear as if it were the center of a mystical place. Lastly, in the later parts of the night, darkness took the park, and the nighttime inhabitants became apparent. Shadow and uncertainty were the dominant elements now. - Rg

The Troubador - Modest Mussorgsky wrote a suite of pieces called "Pictures at an Exhibition". Each piece described a work of art by fellow Russian artist and architect Viktor Hartman. This piece is modeled after the picture called "The Old Castle", the full title of which is "The Old Castle (before which a troubador sings his song)". Mike put this piece together as a comment on modern Russia, especially focusing on its' turbulent history as it continues to struggle to find a long term balance for its people.

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Resistance Is Useless


This guitar and synth album's mood travels between heavy, spacy and moody. These are potent tracks, full of energy and atmosphere, and gracefully morph into freewheeling jams that cross over into into edgy frenzy. (Quote from Big Bang magazine, 1993)

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God Is an Avon Lady


Kalaban is progressive rock, comparable bands are YES, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Camel, Rush etc. This song is from version 3 of the band. Randy Graves is the sole original member. Drums are now Kyle Nish, Keys are Kyle Tippets and Bass is Brad Campbell


Hello, this is me, Here I am, at your door I've been trying to talk to you since before this world was born Do you think that you could listen? You might think that it is all I have to do Standing at your door, forever I'll try your doorbell..... again I'm not trying to tell you I don't want to tell you what to think or what to do I just, want you to see You were always meant to be We… were always meant...

to be free !!!! dreaming new worlds,
swimming in the sea, of starless, formless, shapeless, timeless possibility

and you'll maybe see,

total Probability zero certainty that lightful, mindful, colorful bright and sweet infinity

v2 Can you feel, the endless circle? the blossom and fade of everything some think they've seen it all some think there is no seeing

Tempting as it is to settle down with just your first good notion try to keep on moving try to keep on growing free your mind...
and see what you can find It's your lens to try, try and see the edges,
those boundary lines (that) you think define the this of you and that of... me…

such delicious mystery

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Kalaban Gravity Well

Event Horizon

Kalaban Gravity Well

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