From the recording Fields of Night

This track is about a dream I had. I was walking on briliant blue clouds at night, and the moon illuminated the vapors and wisps all around me. Every so often big columns of sparks would jet up through the cloud layer, making fountains of mixed cloud and starry looking blips. I realized that if I ran to the sparks I could fly in the column, so I found myself looking for the clusters of stars so as to fly instead of walking.
The sparky columns came from old school steam locomotives that were running under the clouds, and the trains were self-intelligent, running to the horizon, and then disappeared -- there was a feeling of anguish from them, like they wouldn't have gone so far if they realized that they would disappear when they got to the horizon.
There is an interlude which is a conversation between me and a Cosmic Being -- it illustrates the sense of merging with the Universe.
The whole thing is presented as a dream, with a late night wakeup including a small radio on my porch playing a version of the main theme along with the night sounds of crickets.


Once, I walked on clouds, beneath the Moon...     tiptoe,  through the night
Breathing stars,  then breathless at the sight ...........   clusters,  bursting with light
Vapors trail and glow,   Lambent    moonbeams flow....  so slow 
Smolder trains rush by,  so far below...        (on) distant unseen track
Thoughtless blind horizons, dumbly struck,    (and)  then they find,  there's  no turning back!
Anguished prisons grow,   Never letting go....   no,    no
(Liturgical chant...)
I am the result of millions,
I am the start of infinity
Time stretches before me in waves
Ever rippling outward,
Ever circling homeward