Opus Octopus - sketch by Willard Snow, colorization by R. Graves

Opus Octopus - Lyrics

Beware the Squid

Verse 1

Let me show you now
the poison blade

stealthy steel,
moves in deepest shade

(their) poison works so slow,
you’ll never know
you’ll never know

And then one day
you will find
they stole your mind

Well that man on TV
He says such pretty things
and you’ll eventually
ingest his saccharine...

I told you so,
but, you think you know,
the currents
underneath the scene

So what to do
with the likes of you?
You’re deep in love
with the machine.


verse 2

Are you thinking now,
you’ve been betrayed?

Do you fear,
you'll never make the grade?

Flat screen TV's glow,
Promise a great big O,
But that O, you’ll never know !

And still, you say ...
I don't mind,
this daily grind

Well that salesman on your phone
don't care if you lose your home
He's just thinking of the commission
he'll receive!!

That so-and-so
knows "the folks who know" (how)
to pull the rug
out from your dreams.

So what to do,
with the likes of you
You're dreaming still,
with the Meme Team!

verse 3

Their statistics stink
But you’ll still think…     (what they want you to)

Wall Street lunches need your
sheep-like hunches and just forget your 401k’s

Don't turn your head to see
their latest catastrophe
They have to keep you bleeding

and at the end of day
to ease your mind

Just sit down, watch your screen
Wrapped in the consumer dream
Hypnotic slippery schemes
Home Shopping Net or Powerball Millionaire

And so it goes
The TV networks show
It’s all just
“Everything is awesome”

So what to do,
With the likes of you?
What’s yours is theirs
That’s their grand scheme…

Verse 4 – (godstress’s message of hope)

If you could open your mind and see
The future that could surely be
The mirror of new reality

Yes, it can be!

Then I know that you will want to be
The ______ arrow with trajectory
Forward pointing life of serendipity

Yes, it can be!

Fields of Night - Lyrics

Drifting over Clouds

Once, I walked on clouds, beneath the Moon...    
tiptoe,  through the night

Breathing stars, then breathless at the sight
Clusters,  bursting with light

Vapors trail and glow,  
Lambent moonbeams flow....  so slow

Smolder trains rush by,  so far below...
(on) distant unseen track

Thoughtless blind horizons, dumbly struck,
(and)  then they find,
there's no turning back!

Anguished prisons grow,
Never letting go....   no,    no

(Liturgical chanting…)

I am the result of millions,
I am the start of infinity
Time stretches before me in waves
Ever rippling outward,
Ever circling homeward

What kind of a dream was that?
Maybe too many Habaneros?
No, It was a good dream, don’t forget.

Berlin - Lyrics

Climbing the wall

When i was a kid
i was like most kids
I wanted something
awesome to happen
it usually didn't, but sometimes
it does.
Sometimes "awesome"
actually does happen...
and when it does
you'll remember it forever

when you're walking through life
you never really know what's going to happen next, do you?

I mean, one minute
you're nine,
surrounded by your neighborhood buddies
who would do anything for you

and then suddenly you"ve grown up.
People expect more from you,
and you're involved with a
girl, a real other person who thinks and acts for herself.

Your destiny is no longer your own, and
you never saw this happening...
Just like a smack to the side of your head
this person magnetizes you
into  a new orbit....

Someone fantastic,
her name was Berlin,
walked into my life one day
and in one heartbeat
she turned my world around

When I saw Berlin walk through the door for the first time...
my heart. just. stopped.

Once I recovered a bit
and my tongue started working again
I found myself vowing that i would
do wnatever it took to get close to her.
Never mind the details or the price
that was for another day

Verse 1
One night
you came to me
on your cheek there was a teardrop
i thought you cried for me

That night
I heard your call
you threw starlight in my eyes then
what could i do but fall?

You said I was forever
I was just your size
and I saw myself in the mirror
of your clear blue eyes

I was asleep then
should've looked deep
then I would have seen
you were only killing time

Bring it down
princess crown
your wall divides our town
I never should have been your clown
Miss Berlin

you're gone you're free
now your starlight shines for someone
but nevermore for me

Last night
you spread your wings
on your cheek i looked for teardrops
but only found a strange new thing

You said I never saw you
never opened my eyes
and long ago
I should have realized

You were creeping
as I was sleeping
your love echoes through me
like the distant crushing sea

It's probably a good thing
that the future is  unknown and probably unknowable.
If you knew the direction your life would take
it would be like seeing a movie for the
second time, right?
So, like it or not
we all live at the intersection of
Uncertainty Street and Probability Avenue.

Bring it down
princess crown
your wall divides our town
I never should have been your clown
Miss Berlin

God is an Avon Lady - Lyrics

Answer the Door

Hello. This is me.
Here I am, again.
I've been trying to talk to you
since before the world was born.
Do you think that you could listen?
You might think that it is all I have to do,
standing at your door forever.
I'll try your doorbell, again.

I'm not trying to tell you,
I don't want to tell you,
what to think
or what to do.
I just want you to see
you were always meant to be,
we were always meant. . .
to be free!!!!

Dreaming new worlds!
Swimming in the sea
of starless, formless, shapeless possibility!

Then you'll maybe see
total probability
zero certainty
delightful, mindful, colorful
bright and sweet infinity.

Well, can you feel the endless circle,
the blossom and fade of everything?
Some think they've seen it all.
Some think there is no seeing.

Tempting as it is to settle down
with just your first good notion,
try to keep on moving,
try to keep on growing.
God Is an Avon Lady (continued)
Free your mind,
then realize that you’ve been blind.
Find your wings to fly.
Just try to trace the edges,
those boundary lines
that you think define
the This of you and That of me.

Such delicious mystery.