Kalaban Timeline - Condensed

1977 - Kalaban, version 1

Frank Herbert publishes the book "The Dosadi Experiment". I love this book, and wanted to appropriate the concept of the Taprisiot species into my band name, but the other species in the book whose name captured my imagination was the Calebans, who facilitated interdimensional transport via "jump-doors" which allowed Humans and Gowachins to travel instantly to any location in the universe. This connectivity was the "glue" that held the societies of this universe together. So I named the band Kalaban, in an attempt to draw attention to the concepts of this book, and make a parallel between music as a universal communicator, with the mind-to-mind communication of the Taprisiots.

1981 - Kalaban, version 2

While working as an amp tech at Herger Music, an instrument sales store in Provo Utah, Mike Stout came into the store and as he was evaluating pianos while playing Keith Emerson's "Eruption", we began talking and realized we were both fans of many of the same bands and types of music. We didn't have a practise space and Mike, as a student, didn't even have a keyboard. So we started practising after hours in the back room of Herger's, where I showed Mike how to use the brand new Rhodes Chroma polyphonic synthesizer.

1989 - Don't Panic - vinyl release

1991 - Don't Panic - CD release

1993 - Resistance Is Useless - CD release

2007 - Kalaban, version 3


Kalaban Gravity Well

Event Horizon

Kalaban Gravity Well

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